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The executive meeting of the State Council on July 8 decided on these three major events

2018-04-12 10:38:09    作者:admin    瀏覽量:1964

Transferred from China government website

We will further deploy flood control and disaster relief work and promote the construction of major water conservancy projects; To determine the measures to continuously optimize the business environment to stimulate the vitality of market subjects; To deploy the central budget implementation and other audit of financial revenue and expenditure to find out the rectification work. The standing meeting of the State Council on July 8 decided these three major events. What were the deployment made by Premier Li Keqiang at the meeting? China government network——

The meeting pointed out that since this year, the accumulated precipitation in China has been more and more than that of the same period of the year, and the rainfall is concentrated, and some areas are seriously affected. In recent years, there are still heavy rainfall in most parts of the south, and it is predicted that the next rain area will be lifted to the north. The South and North have entered the main flood season, and flood control will enter the key period of "seven lower eight upper". All relevant departments in various regions shall implement the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, adhere to the principle of life and make every effort to do a good job in flood control and disaster relief. 1、

1. The responsibilities of all parties shall be compacted. The flood control responsible persons at all levels shall sink the first line, strengthen monitoring and early warning, and strengthen coordination and dispatching.

2. We will do a good job in flood control in the great river basin, strengthen the flood control of small and medium-sized rivers, the risk removal of small and medium-sized reservoirs and urban flood prevention. In view of the situation of large flood and weak flood control facilities in the future of northern rivers for many years, we should make great efforts to deploy flood control work in Huanghuai sea and Songliao, improve the mechanism of joint prevention, prepare flood control materials, strengthen patrol and defense of reservoirs and levees, scientifically dispatch key flood control projects, prepare for the use of flood storage and detention areas, improve personnel evacuation plan and transfer the threatened people in time.

3. We will increase material and financial support to help local people properly resettle and carry out water destruction project repair and self-help in production. At the same time, we should do well in drought relief work and emergency response to drought and flood in some areas.

The major water conservancy project is an important part of the construction of "two new and one heavy". Around flood control and disaster reduction, optimal allocation of water resources and restoration of water ecological protection, the conference studied 150 major water conservancy projects construction arrangements this year and subsequent, and required to promote construction, promote effective investment and strengthen the capacity to prevent flood and drought disasters.

The meeting stressed that we should deepen the reform of investment and financing system and mechanism, implement water price standards and charging system, establish reasonable return mechanism, expand the scale of equity and creditor's rights financing, and promote the construction of water conservancy projects with the market-oriented reform.

The meeting pointed out that, in accordance with the requirements of "six stability" and "six guarantees", we should not only implement the deployed large-scale rescue policies of finance, social security and finance, but also focus on the long term, and create an international business environment of marketization and rule of law by means of reform, which will greatly stimulate the vitality of market entities.

1. Strengthen service for market main body. Accelerate the online approval of the whole process of the project. Actively explore the industry that needs license to implement "one license and camp" and cross-border common. The administrative authority of industrial product production license shall be transferred to the provincial level within the year, and the average review period of trademark registration shall be reduced to within 4 months.

2. It is convenient for employment and entrepreneurship. We will improve inclusive and prudent supervision of new business forms, guide platform enterprises to reduce Commission, barcode payment fees, etc., and promote flexible employment. Clean up unreasonable access conditions in education, medical treatment, sports and other fields. The online verification of title information will be realized by the end of June next year.

3. Optimize the foreign trade environment. To authorize the registration of foreign-invested enterprises in cities at or above the prefecture level. In principle, the import and export supervision documents are accepted as "single window".

The meeting noted that the results of the central budget implementation and other fiscal revenue and expenditure audits for 2019 have been published. Relevant local and department shall rectify and cancel the problems found item by item, and improve relevant system and mechanism. The rectification results shall be disclosed after reporting to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.

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